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Kode Essentials

Hemp Soy Candles

Hemp Soy Candles

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Light up your life with Kode Essentials candles! Hand-poured and made with sustainably-sourced ingredients, these wooden-wick beauties boast amazing scent that fills your space with ease. And be sure not to underestimate the 8 OZ size of this vessel, these candles last 30+ hours in burn time!


 Scent Profiles

Jersey Girl: Fresh picked lilacs
Milovat: Jasmine, musk, cashmere, and perfection (Our Top Selling Scent)
Bean Queen: Freshly brewed coffee and rich dark chocolate
Hippy Spit: A dragon's blood incense blend
Sexy AF: Black raspberry, vanilla, and musk
Mermaid Spit: Beautiful oceanic sea salt & fresh orchids
I Love Me: Black amber, tea petals, crushed cedre twigs, vetiver root, and a hint of cocao
Island City: Tropical smoothie combination of mango, coconut milk, and pineapple
Summer Drank: Tart grapefruit & refreshing peppermint  
Gumdrop: Sugared lemon drops with strawberry Cinderella cake base notes
Cottage Core: Amber, cotton, sage, oak moss, ozone, jasmine powder, tanka bean, lavender, grapefruit, and rose musk
Spring Cleaning: Lemon, bergamot, citrus, musk, fresh mint, peppermint, and sweet vanilla
Dark Lavender: Lavender, sage, greens, black amber, myrrh, Egyptian musk, tonka bean, and woods
Country Song: Orange, bergamot, clove, midnight orchid, musk, leather, oak cask, and patchouli
Cardamom, bergamot, magnolia leaf, black pepper, white rose, tonka, and amber
Dat Cake: Sweet strawberries, lemon zest, pound cake, sugar, and whipped cream


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
These burn FOREVER!! 😆

I am a lover of candles, at least one burns a day. I’ve never had candles last like Kode’s! On top of it- the scent never fades or falters as it goes, which I’ve experienced with other candle manufacturers. Everything is consistent and smells as wonderful as the day I got it!

Cassandra Clark
Love 100x's Over!

Kode Essential candles are wonderful! They have a clean and even burn and last long! The scents are devine and don't leave your house smelling fake or smoky. Bean Queen is one of my favorites! ☕️ Milovat is always a classic go-to as well. 💜

Santana Calo
Love, love, love these candles!

The burn time on these is great! I also really love the wooden wicks. So many great scents to choose from as well. I'd leave a list of my favorites, but it would be half of everything that's ever been offered 🙈😂


This is my favorite scent kode essentials has, have purchased it multiple times & this scent is killer! Love the way it makes my home smell & I also have the room spray, love both options