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Kode Essentials

Handcrafted CBD Bath Bombs

Handcrafted CBD Bath Bombs

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Experience the power of plant medicine with our handcrafted 20mg CBD bath bombs. Enjoy a blissful and relaxing bath with the combined effects of locally made Lake Roots Company Full-Spectrum CBD and essential oils. Each bath bomb is uniquely crafted with the highest quality ingredients that best serve the desired experience you are looking for! 

Dark Lavender: Gorgeous lavender & dark amber blend
Lucid Dreams: Relaxing sleep blend featuring valerian & hops
Happy Hippy: A happy, citrus blend featuring may chang, lemon, & mandarin
Take it Easy: (Coming soon!) 

Sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, kaolin, cornstarch, goat milk powder, sodium lauryl sulfoacetate, carrier oil, full spectrum CBD oil, fragrance/essential oil, bath oil, polysorbate 80, castor oil, shea butter.



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