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Sea Witch Botanicals

Canary Clean Bar

Canary Clean Bar

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Kitchen & Bath All-Purpose Bar

Made with essential oils, plastic free packaging, no synthetic fragrances, and certified vegan.

Keep your kitchen sparkling clean! This all-natural dish soap, glass cleaner, and surface cleaner is detergent-free, biodegradable, and completely plant-based.

Best of all, this packaging can be composted and recycled!

How to Use: 

Dishes: Wet a natural sponge (available on site), then rub against the bar of Canary Clean, creating a rich lather. Scrub the dishes with a lathered sponge, going over tougher spots as needed. 

Tough Pans: You can cut a small chunk of soap and soak to help loosen debris before scrubbing. 

Surfaces: Lather Canary Clean on a wet wash cloth or sponge, then scrub where necessary. Add a little "elbow grease" for tougher stains. 

Ingredients: saponifed Organic Coconut Oil, Water, Orange Essential Oil, Kaolin Clay.

Approx. 4oz

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